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To: ETUCE Member Organisations in the EU, EU-candidate and EFTA Countries

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to inform you that the European Commission of the European Union is looking for nominations for awarding a best teacher or trainer in vocational education and training.

Please find the nomination form and criteria listed here:

We encourage our Member Organisations to nominate a teacher or a trainer of Vocational Education and Training to this award by carefully consulting the below criteria.

Deadline is 10 June 2019.

This award aims to identify a Vocational Education and Training (VET) teacher and/or trainer that has contributed to VET excellence through his/her personal and professional way of interacting with learners. Please note that the award does not go with a prize money.

The award is organised by the European Commission, in cooperation with the expert group “Platform of European Associations of VET Providers”, Obessu and ETUCE.


The award is open to VET teachers and trainers that fulfil the following requirements:
· They work in direct contact with learners in initial or continuous Vocational Education and Training
· They have obtained a written recognition/prize/award at their name as teacher or trainer in
their country, by a public or private body after 01.01.2016

· Applicants are resident in an EU Members State, a Candidate or an EFTA Country.
Teachers and trainers can apply themselves or be nominated by an organisation. In case an organisation is supporting their nomination, a recommendation letter can be uploaded in the application site.

The following criteria apply for this award:
The teacher and/or trainer:
1. Shows great results in student-centered teaching and a personal and professional way of motivating learners to try and get the best out of their education / reach a maximum
progression, including those with special needs
2. Shows a creative, innovative and consistent style in transferring knowledge and skills
3. Uses innovative learning environments, including digital ones (ex: e-learning, web learning, gaming, videos, tutorials, social networks, etc)
4. Encourages learners to learn for their life, employability and professional development, and first and foremost following their own interest and reach curricular requirements.
5. Is enthusiastic towards his/her profession or subject he/she teaches/ trains on.
6. Collaborates and engages to other teachers, trainers, and with possible local actors, including companies and training centers (peer learning)
7. Keeps his/her knowledge updated on pedagogic and professional developments
8. Stimulates the focus of practical learning within schools and companies, as well as with the local community.

The criteria are cumulative. This means that, on the basis of the presented evidence, the nominees will be the individuals that meet a maximum of the above criteria best . So, the applicant does not need to meet all the criteria, but the more criteria he/she meets, the better the chances to be selected.

Two nominees will be invited to Helsinki, Finland on 17-18 October 2019. Travel and accommodation to participate in the ceremony will be covered by the European Commission.

Applications for the VET teacher and/or trainer award must be submitted by filling in a form here

Kind regards,

The ETUCE Secretariat