Statement of support for Ukraine and Ukrainian people, and the Russian people who have stepped out against the war

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Statement of support_UA (download PDF)

We, Estonian researchers, lecturers, teachers and students, through our representative organisations, unequivocally condemn Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. Our hearts and minds are with the people of Ukraine.

We also express our solidarity with and highest respect to those brave people in Russia who have said their firm NO to this shameful offensive war, causing unimaginable suffering and destruction. We are particularly grateful to Russian researchers and science journalists[1] [2] for their open anti-war letter[3], written despite the possibility of direct persecution. We hope it will find a wide resonance in Russian academia and society and encourage you to further action. 

Russian geographers[4], teachers[5], medical workers[6], municipal deputies[7], artists and cultural workers[8], sportsmen, feminists[9] and other groups in Russian society[10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] have protested as well. Many Russians have taken to the streets, calling for an end to the war; thousands of them have been arrested[17]. We call upon all Russian diaspora all over the world to join the anti-war effort. Academics as the intelligentsia of the country should show the way. You are not alone, the protesting Russian people are not alone. The heroic resistance of Ukrainians together with massive popular condemnation of war in Russia and internationally, and Russian soldiers’ determination not to participate in the aggression[18] can stop the war and open the way to a more secure Europe. 

Estonians and Russians have been in contact for longer than a thousand years. An equal, fair, prosperous and democratic Russia is something the Estonian nation has been hoping for since the revolution of 1905.

We stand united against this war, and demand an immediate and complete withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukrainian territory!  


Estonian Academic Union Confederation

Federation of the Trade Unions of Estonian Higher Education, Research and Development Institutions UNIVERSITAS

Estonian Educational Personnel Union

Federation of Estonian Student Unions


Representing the member organizations

University of Tartu Faculty Association

Estonian University of Life Sciences Trade Union

Tallinn University Trade Union

Tallinn University of Technology Academic Professionals Union

Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre Trade Union

Academic Professionals Union ETAL

Trade Union of TTK University of Applied Sciences